Total Textile Solution: one partner, the whole workflow!

The digital textile printing process requires several suppliers. Fabric printers, pre/post-treatments, thickeners, dyes. You know that more suppliers mean more risks for your business. Epson’s Total Textile Solution is all about having just one top partner for the whole process, from start to finish. Easier, safer, reliable. A boost for your competitivity.

Monna Lisa ML-8000: best start & grow

The same tools big companies use, now also for smaller businesses.

Monna Lisa ML-16000: the balanced

Designed to provide the perfect balance between production and the budget needs.

Monna Lisa ML-16000HY: special effects!

The revolutionary solution in digital printing.

Monna Lisa ML-24000: flexibility and sustainability

Designed to ensure safety and sustainability in the textile sector.

Monna Lisa ML-32000: the versatile

Perfect to work in limited space or on a tight budget.

Monna Lisa ML-64000: state of the art

Simply the best. The highest output volumes with the best quality you can imagine.

The most advanced research center, at your service

Epson’s Textile Solution Center is the very heart of our support to the whole market. R&D, assistance, training, promotion: Epson is always on the front line when it comes to finding solutions in all fields of application in textile printing: haute couture, fast fashion, accessories, sportswear, home textiles.

Whenever you have a problem, we have the solution.

Research, assistance, training and promotion: industrial digital textile printing at its best

Textile Solution Center: our most advanced facility, where we develop and test all the solutions to push forward the whole industry. A one-stop place for exploration, understanding, selection and experimentation for you and your business.

Lifelong experience, new means to deliver it

In order to do all you’ve seen on this page, Epson incorporated F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex: three expertise combined at your service. 3 ingredients in 1 company: F.lli Robustelli that designed the Monna Lisa system, For.Tex that contributed to developing Genesta inks and Epson with unmatched experience in printing processes worldwide. Whenever you work with us, be sure we have all the means, will and expertise to take care of your business.