Monna Lisa Series: 8 base colours with extension option, up to 740m²/h and 600x600 dpi. Features for excellence

Advanced automatic cleaning and adjustment mechanism, high ink/fabric capacity: all you need for top quality and high-speed printing. With no errors and almost zero downtime. The highest standards and an unmatched flexibility, able to adapt in real time to the needs of our increasingly dynamic market.

Find your Monna Lisa

  • PrecisionCore for maximum productivity

    A new print head array featuring PrecisionCore technology. An intermediate configuration with 128 PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips provides 25,600 nozzles for each colour, which results in outstanding productivity.

  • World-renowned image quality

    Symmetrical colour alignment ensures consistent colour overlap during bidirectional printing. Colours are exceptionally uniform and solid, and geometric patterns are always perfectly rendered.

  • Flexibility, your competitive advantage

    A single printer to meet all kinds of production needs. Handles different types of inks, prints on any type of fabric and reproduces every design. And it can be completely configured to your needs.

  • Stable operation: no errors/downtime

    Nozzle verification and auto nozzle cleaning: even if just one dot is missing, it instantly adjusts ink delivery and cleaning, and continuously checks for folds or wrinkles to ensure the perfect output in any situation.

  • One software to manage everything

    Epson Edge Print Textile is the best software solution for optimising the performance of PrecisionCore print heads and Genesta inks. But you’re free to choose alternatives: Monna Lisa is supported by all major textile RIP software. That's not all: Epson offers many tools, such as colour blend, to help you find the most appropriate colour profile.

  • Eco-friendly inks for green production

    ECO PASSPORT certified and approved by ECOCERT and Bluesign®, Genesta inks' formula meets the globally recognised standard for being environmentally friendly. Not just a must-have for today's market, but a standard for the future.

3 keywords: evolution, development, innovation

How can you gain, keep and increase your edge on the competition?

The market for industrial printers is tough. Just look at fashion: ideas flow at an insane rate, with new materials, new colours, new techniques and trends being literally invented everyday. Haute couture, fast fashion, accessories, home textiles, sportswear… these are markets for entrepreneurs who live in the future, anticipate changes, innovate, and give their customers an edge on their own competition.

That’s exactly what we do: we help you to help them gain that competitive advantage. So that they'll choose you for the same reason you chose us.

Flexible and reliable

Reliability is a key factor when it comes to the real world of daily production. Every issue/inefficiency causes downtime or quality flaws, all costing you money and credibility. Monna Lisa's features help you keep production going: selectable channel configuration, high accuracy, PrecisionCore print head array, ink management, continuous wrinkles check and head cleaning, RGB auto balancing, fabric feeding system... Every single piece of technology is designed to solve real problems and rearrange on your needs, to give you the smoothest manufacturing experience.

At Epson, features always convert to practical production advantages.


Printing process with the Monna Lisa fabric printer series

A well-designed process makes all the difference when it comes to productivity and high-quality results. Our six-step workflow provides output stability with stunning and durable results. From pre- to post-treatment, to the software preparation, printing, steaming and washing, Epson takes care of everything.