Monna Lisa ML-24000: flexibility and sustainability above all

The Monna Lisa ML-24000, with its 24 Epson PrecisionCore print heads and range of 12 colours, is extremely flexible and designed to help you achieve the compliance standards required for quality, safety and sustainability certifications that are essential in today's textile sector.

Meets all certification standards

The Monna Lisa ML-24000 guarantees the ability to fully utilize the extensive range of colors available to meet the standards of specific certifications required by the market for printed textiles (such as GOTS or OEKO-TEX). You can count on optimal print quality, with superb reproduction of colour nuances, fine details and complex geometric patterns. Technologies such as symmetrical colour alignment and Accurate Belt Position Control (ABPC) ensure consistent and precise results.

Sustainability above all

Monna Lisa ML-24000 is equipped with 24 PrecisionCore print heads and can use Acid and Reactive inks (10 L). Furthermore, Epson Genesta inks, available in acid, reactive, dispersed and pigmented formulations, are ECO PASSPORT-certified for environmentally friendly textile printing. The ink, vacuum-packed and gas-free, is supplied in high-capacity 10-litre cartridges, easily replaceable to ensure uninterrupted production.

Find your Monna Lisa

Quality, detail, brightness, smoothness: a must-have for every company. But different businesses have different production volumes, serve different niches, have different needs. That’s why we worked hard to bring you all the top technologies on smaller machines too.

Meet the Monna Lisa series: a Epson Monna Lisa for every need.

The whole workflow with one partner

Textile printing is a complicated process. Lots of steps, requiring different partners to provide materials, technologies and issues. Since the acquisition of F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex, Epson has everything you need to run your business, from pre- to post-treatments. It’s your turnkey all-inclusive solution, provided by just one partner.

Textile Solution Center: a solution for every problem you can run into

Innovation is the only way to keep dominating our market, but it’s expensive. What if there was a dedicated center that does that for you? Epson already did it: from R&D to promotion, Textile Solution Center designs your brightest future.