The best textile printing needs the finest technology

Powered by PrecisionCore

Precision, sharpness, definition. At Epson, technology isn’t just a list of features but translates into quality and productivity. PrecisionCore is the newest and most advanced Monna Lisa print head array. More than 10,000 nozzles for each colour, for a productivity and a level of detail you never believed possible to reach on fabric.

Symmetrical colour alignment for maximum print quality and productivity

Technology doesn’t have to be fancy, its primary goal is to help you do more, better and in less time. Especially when talking about textile printing.

For Monna Lisa fabric printers, Epson has developed a symmetrical alignment system for the colours in the printing head. This means half the number of passages to deliver the same printed output, better colour overlay, richer texture and the most balanced and error-free final result. PrecisionCore and Symmetrical colour alignment allow Monna Lisa to run several real-time auto-control and self-adjustment processes. Several optical sensors continuously check the print quality and adjust all the parameters, nozzle cleaning and ink dispensing even for a single missing dot. When you consider that the Monna Lisa ML-64000 produces 740m² of printed fabric at 900x600dpi, it’s easy to understand how advanced these technologies must be and the importance of their role in keeping a high level of both quality and productivity. Software is a factor of utmost importance for the management of all these processes. Epson has its own proprietary solution with software developed internally as part of the Total Textile Solution. Epson Edge Print Pro X is the best interface to manage and optimize all steps of the printing process. From the start printing file, to editing, to the setup of all the settings you need and then printing. Everything is done through the easy 3-step, left-to-right user interface that guides the operator throughout all the phases of preparation and production.

Designed to maximize the performance of PrecisionCore Micro TFP print heads and Genesta inks, it can be run on any Monna Lisa direct-to-fabric printer, and specific versions are available based on the different models to optimize production.

Software and RIPs