Monna Lisa ML-13000: your creativity is the real star!

The Epson printer that revolutionises the textile industry, without neglecting the good of the planet. Thanks to Direct-to-Fabric printing, Monna Lisa ML-13000 allows you to create prints on fabric in a single step.

ML-13000 belives in your ideas

252 sqm/h at 300x600 dpi, 131 sqm/h at 600x600 dpi: speed meets versatility for all-in-one printing that allows you to set up your business in a limited space and with minimal training.

With its thirteen Precision Core Micro TFP heads, the Monna Lisa ML-13000 prints in a single step, guaranteeing vivid colours, superior quality and increased durability.

To be even smarter, Epson has created RIP: smart software that allows you to control the intensity of chemical processes during pre- and post-treatment, reducing the risks of fabric stiffening.

Autonomy that loves the planet

The textile sector is responsible for approximately 20% of industrial water waste globally. 1 ML-13000 helps reduce this waste by up to 97% 2 thanks to the elimination of the pre- and post-treatment processes required in traditional water-based printing.

ML-13000's pigment inks and treatment chemicals are ECO PASSPORT certified, GOTS ECOCERT approved, comply with level 3 of the ZDHC MRSL standard and are Bluesign certified.

1 World Bank, 2019 How Much Do Our Wardrobes Cost to the Environment?
2 Fuluhashi Environmental Institute, 2024 "Report on Direct Water Input in Digital Textile Printing"

Choose your Monna Lisa

Quality, detail, brightness, softness: a must for every company. However, different companies have different production volumes, serve different target audiences, and have different needs. This is why we have made sure to offer you all the best technologies across the entire range.

Discover Epson digital textile printing: a Monna Lisa for every need.

The whole workflow with one partner

Textile printing is a complicated process. Lots of steps, requiring different partners to provide materials, technologies and issues. Since the acquisition of F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex, Epson has everything you need to run your business, from pre- to post-treatments. It’s your turnkey all-inclusive solution, provided by just one partner.

Textile Solution Center: a solution for every problem you can run into

Innovation is the only way to keep dominating our market, but it’s expensive. What if there was a dedicated center that does that for you? Epson already did it: from R&D to promotion, Textile Solution Center designs your brightest future.