Monna Lisa ML-64000: state of the art!

Top notch digital fabric printer. Everything you could wish for in modern technology. Huge volumes, fastest print speeds and vivid colours in the highest resolution. If you and your clients aren't looking to compromise, Monna Lisa ML-64000 is the way to go.

High productivity and no compromises on print quality

740m²/h at 600x600 dpi. Higher dot placement accuracy and density with Dynamic Alignment Stabiliser. Best colour overlap thanks to bidirectional mirroring print head array. Precise fabric feeding and dual anti-wrinkle sensors. That’s just a hint of all the technology behind our statements. But leave the details to us, your company needs you working on higher level tasks.

Easy and stable operation, minimal downtime

Operating a textile printer should be easy and mostly automatic. We set up a continuous cleaning and auto-adjust mechanism for nozzles, advanced automatic head alignment and calibration. And much, much more. ML-64000 is also cloud connected, so that we can check it remotely in real time. As we said: you can focus on running your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Find your Monna Lisa

Quality, detail, brightness, smoothness: a must-have for every company. But different businesses have different production volumes, serve different niches, have different needs. That’s why we worked hard to bring you all the top technologies on smaller machines too.

Meet the Monna Lisa series: a Epson Monna Lisa for every need.

The whole workflow with one partner

Textile printing is a complicated process. Lots of steps, requiring different partners to provide materials, technologies and issues. Since the acquisition of F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex, Epson has everything you need to run your business, from pre- to post-treatments. It’s your turnkey all-inclusive solution, provided by just one partner.

Textile Solution Center: a solution for every problem you can run into

Innovation is the only way to keep dominating our market, but it’s expensive. What if there was a dedicated center that does that for you? Epson already did it: from R&D to promotion, Textile Solution Center designs your brightest future.