Epson's green choices for low-impact participation in ITMA 2023

Epson's commitment to sustainability is now an objective fact, evidenced by the various certifications attained by the brand over the years. A commitment that will also be the focus of their presence at the ITMA 2023 exhibition, expressed through the decisions that guided the exhibition project based on values such as reducing energy and water wastage, recycling and reuse.
Without wanting to reveal any news or activities around their attendance at the event, a decision was made to minimise the impact of participation, choosing sustainable practices through all phases of the project (before/during/after the exhibition) and compensating for what can't be reduced, recycled or reused.

An example? When designing the stand, the emphasis was on green guidelines such as: using less material and signage; using sustainable and certified materials; creating furniture than can be used for other stands and occasions; buying most of the materials locally, avoiding shipping costs and lowering emissions; using carpeting that contains recycled material and can be recycled; using paints and coatings that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or using energy-efficient LED lights.
And finally, ethical behaviour such as waste management, choosing recyclable or biodegradable packaging, and using public transport and carpooling.

A gesture of responsibility that goes beyond participation in the most important sector exhibition of 2023 and involves customers and suppliers in a virtuous process.