ITMA 2023: Epson technology meets sustainability

Epson offsets the impact of its participation in ITMA 2023

For Epson, which has always relied on digital printing as a technology that offers real advantages in terms of environmental impact, participation at ITMA 2023 was also an opportunity to renew its personal commitment to sustainability. Through the partnership with Rete Clima, the climate impacts of Epson's activities at ITMA 2023 (including: participant mobility, transport of materials, energy consumption of the venue, materials used for set-ups, catering and accommodation, and waste) were analysed in order to quantify the carbon footprint and offset it to result in climate-neutral participation.

Event compensation

Offsetting took place after the event through the cancellation of a number of carbon credits equal to the value of the event's carbon footprint (expressed in terms of tCO2).
The event's emissions, estimated at around 130 tCO2, were actively managed through the support of a VCS-Verra certified solar power project

The Solar Photovoltaic Power project

The carbon offset Solar Photovoltaic Power Project at Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India), which is supported by Epson, aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by helping to avoid significant amounts of emissions of air pollutants with public health impacts such as SOx, NOx and suspended particulate matter (SPM).

Our stand: sustainable materials and technologies

Attention to sustainability was the common thread that characterised Epson's choices, both for the exhibition project and the activities proposed during ITMA. Its commitment translates into the selection of practices that ensure less material waste as well as electricity and water, and that favour the recycling and reuse of components.

For this reason, when choosing its suppliers, Epson decided to rely on local companies with ecological certifications. The first company was Xcompany, which oversaw the coordination of the entire activity, from the design to the executive phase through to the selection of supplies. The walls of the stand were painted with Airlite colours, a technology that purifies the air using the semiconductor principle, and holds ten certifications including 'Green Seal' and 'Friendly Materials'. The non-visible semi-finished wood products were supplied by Bonzano, a company that believes in the circular economy and the revalorisation of industrial waste, and holds several formaldehyde certifications (E1, CARB2 and ZERO). The stand's flooring was supplied by Egger, a company for whom sustainability is a trademark. It guarantees that its wood comes from legally managed forests, which earned it prime status in the ISS ESG Corporate Rating, and the Eco Vadis silver medal. The furnishings, such as the carpeting, were also chosen according to the same criteria, and entrusted to the company Montecolino, which is committed to reducing its impact on the land through the careful analysis of energy efficiency and the installation of a photovoltaic system. Finally, the installation was entrusted to Arianese, a company that respects the criteria of energy autonomy, proper waste management and sustainable selection of raw materials and semi-finished products.

  • Stand design

  • Waste management

  • Promotional material

  • Packaging & Shipping

  • Food service

  • Public transport

What is Rete Clima?

Rete Clima is a technical body that supports companies in ESG paths with sustainable governance, decarbonisation, evaluation, planning, and stakeholder reports regarding sustainability performance. Rete Clima also develops forestry projects in Italy as part of the Foresta Italia Campaign, which aims to protect, restore and develop Italy's forests with the support of companies that want to invest in the country's natural capital and in the promotion of biodiversity in Italy. Established in 2011, today Rete Clima is a Social Enterprise that operates as a network of skills at a technical and communication/reporting level. It also works in harmony with the academic and research world.