With Rete Clima, Epson achieves a zero-impact presence at ITMA 2023

ITMA 2023, the largest international technology exhibition in the textile industry, presented the latest technological innovations and new frontiers related to the topic of sustainability in industrial processes to industry professionals with the aim of informing textile and clothing manufacturers on how to transform and grow their business.

For Epson - which has always relied on digital printing as a technology that offers real advantages in terms of environmental impact - participation in ITMA 2023 was an opportunity to show the public the state of the art on the transition to increasingly sustainable textile production processes. The sustainability certifications achieved reflect this commitment over time.

In Rete Clima, Epson has found a valuable partner in the attainment of increasingly concrete goals. This non-profit organisation supports companies on paths of sustainability, decarbonisation and sustainable governance, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With a view to offsetting the emissions of the ITMA 2023 event, Rete Clima analysed the environmental impact of Epson's participation through a number of indicators such as: participant mobility, transport of materials, energy consumption of the venue, materials used for set-ups, catering and accommodation, and waste. All of this was done to quantify the carbon footprint and offset it to neutralise Epson's event.

Offsetting took place after the event through the cancellation of a number of carbon credits equal to the value of the event's carbon footprint (expressed in terms of tCO2). The event's emissions, estimated at around 130 tonnes of CO2, were actively managed through the support of a VCS-Verra certified solar energy project in India. The project aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, helping to avoid significant amounts of emissions of air pollutants with public health impacts such as SOx, NOx and suspended particulate matter (SPM).

The focus on sustainability guided all the choices related to the exhibition design and activities proposed for Epson's participation in ITMA, including reduced energy and water waste, improved recycling and reuse, and the selection of suppliers with green credentials.

In summary, Epson managed to minimise the impact of its presence in every possible way, choosing sustainable practices at all stages of participation in the international exhibition (before/during/after) and compensating for what could not be reduced, recycled or reused.